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Last updated March 1, 2012

The standard against which all points are based is 100, with Oscar winners in the lead actor, lead actress, director and producer categories each receiving the full 100.

Animation and screenplay Oscar winners receive 80 points, supporting actor and actress 60 points, foreign film and documentary 50 points. The editing award garners 25 points for a movie, while cinematography, visual effects and art direction are given 10 points each.

Winners of other awards receive a percentage of the points for the corresponding Oscar. The ratio is 80% for the Golden Globes (the winner for a lead actor, for instance, would get 80 points), 60% for SAG, PGA, DGA and WGA, and 35% for the New York and Los Angeles critics. Nominees are given points in proportion to the number of nominees within their category. Thus, a person in a category with five nominees will receive one-fifth of the total points that the eventual winner receives.

All points are then totaled by category (for example, lead actor, director and best film) and the combined scores of everyone involved in a film are totaled in an overall score for that film. Finally, the film points are added together to rate the heat of the studios that produced them.

Some awards recognize winners in both drama and musical or comedy. In those cases, we rate the drama award at 75% of the category’s points and musical/comedy at 50%. So George Clooney received 60 points for lead actor in The Descendants at the Golden Globes (80 multiplied by 0.75) while Jean Dujardin received 40 points at the Globes for his lead actor in The Artist (80 multiplied by 0.5).

In the best picture category, we give points to both the producers and the film. Unlike other nominees, no matter how many producers are named, they each get full points. However, those points are not added to the movie’s combined score. Only one of their scores will be credited to keep comparisons fair.

Ensemble awards are allotted by first dividing by the number of nominations, then by the number of cast members named. Because of the uneven number of cast members named for some films, this can lead to scores being calculated in small fractions. We round them to one decimal place.

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Jan. 24, 2012  CORRECTION: A previous version of this page incorrectly listed some Oscar nominees as winners.

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